it's 9:00 on a saturday, everyone's out - i stay in
as my own dog comes up next to me, makes some love to my calf and my shin
i say, "dog, can you save it for beverly? the hot one next door who you know
is a tad bit too sweet to her poodles and sheep, for i whore another man's show"

me lust for schlongs, i'm the embarrassed man, me lust for schlongs for sight
men of brawn, i want nude, gender-jealousy has proved why i'm feeling so slight

the johnson of bart is a trendy type, its head is so thick/heavy
saw this dick, i awoke and i started to choke, here is one face i'm starting to need
he said, "dyl, my pee-pee must be killing thee," as a smile ran away from my face
cuz i'm sure that he could see my newbie's heart just right through facades of proud states

proud paul says he's feeling great nonetheless, he never could find any sight
but he's talking so charming to bill in the army and probably sells him gay spite

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