"this used to be my playground," a tune released in wild nineteen -
ninety-two, gee, my days of high-school were over then, with my dreams
of amends: guys who were packed with strength - but why would i always say,
"don't look at me, my head's of spite, i lack - you're type's above...
i feel short, you're assured and bold - you're real, my role"
well, my heart was breaking - was sold on dudes like mack...i lacked, i fucked the plaqued

these used to be my playgrounds, the rooms i'd been with kyle, with dean
the rooms i'd been the ace of manhood, mens' gender buys me esteem
none were men, guys split in half - ahem - but why would i always say,
"you're the best, how i wish that you would be with me, amen,
let's forget all these meeting places, these bleeding places, these lustful memories
say goodbye to things of gay," no such words he'd ever say


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