oh, herb's chest is great, makes me wanna shape
but he's led to feel shapin' makes him real
driven by his bouts, hence he's lives to cry "workout!!!"
all have gotten blind, got to seem preoccupied

take five cuz you're feuding, man, it's their lives you mirr'r
take five or a groovin stand, 'less you like the feel'n
make live a front-leading man, 'less you're like the queers who fright to steer

guy's half-a-man, a wanna-be
("if you're feeling that you're wrong, start following")
guy's half-a-man, a wanna-be
("get to feeling that you're strong to hang with me")
guy's half-a-man, a wanna-be
("you'll be dealing the song, 'i care for me'")
"i was half-a-man, a wanna-be, now i'm what they wanna see"

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