feeling like a child? make your arms a-wider
beverly's hot and stunned, bobby's got such guns
think your kind's elite when they tell you they're in heat?
then don't even think, just be heavin' what's heavy

take five cuz you're feuding, man, it's not right to mirr'r
take five or a groovin stand, is it spite you're feel'n?
make live a front-leading man, not a tike who needs a type to lead

guy's half-a-man, a wanna-be
("if you're feeling that you're wrong, start following")
guy's half-a-man, a wanna-be
("get to feeling that you're strong to hang with me")
guy's half-a-man, a wanna-be
("you'll be dealing the song, 'i care for me'")
"i was half-a-man, a wanna-be, now i'm what they wanna see"
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