al gore is really something, he's bent and lives a lie
al gore is such a fucking dip, doesn't let dubya take house white
this dude smirks when he's helpless and cries, "shape me to reign, mister boise"
he's just a crybaby boy

al gore defends and vents, and he's always really skewed
he can be so circumvental, and lies so no one cries "you lose"
this dude kept up his shit a month, we cried "it's over, al gore"
he bucks and whines, "save me, lord"

"i don't want to hurt gays' feelings or the blacks, all like self-pity,
suing, suing, suing all for pride, so i'll turn out like them, i'll be a whiner!"
crybaby (la la lala la la) gore's such a crybaby (la la lala la la)


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