al gore is one unsent ruler, he lulls the teary-eyed
he backs up the queers' cocks, it's futile to rant, he's a hellbound guy
and q lust, say it's a sappy song, he'll back up the song til it's right
he loves the crybaby dykes

al gore is such a whiner, he's such a budding youth
he rocks the teens' types of minds and so the queers, allowed, love his rule
and tipper basks in his cocky, raw, for-show french kiss for the cam - er - a
he's five different mans

"i don't want to hurt gays' feelings or the blacks, all like self-pity,
suing, suing, suing all for pride, so i'll turn out like them, i'll be a whiner!"
crybaby (la la lala la la) gore's such a crybaby (la la lala la la)

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