nobody told me that everything he'd want would have to come from me
a friend he was, i loved him because he lead and got my hermit-world to breathe
and now i'm twelve months older, and everything he wants is taking all my green
he's out to leech, i could be schmuck and loan more just to quench his heart that bleeds...for

guys he loves, guys who owe, guys' bad luck - dude, dude, dude - mine is not your gold
somebody tell me why i learn i'm being used and still give money, oh, and still give money

when people hurt, i start giving - but 'nipulators come, some i just can't see through
i'm so embarrassed, i've been faked, faked, faked...
since i've known him he would take like robin hood to be soothed

like gals who'd tell me that their happy male babies are yelling they'd be happier cuz tonka's cool...
take-a one step further and i'll bash your faces, my friends,
am i good enough a friend without my putting out for you?

why do i soothe these fiendish dudes selling their whines til i'm robbed,
famous last words: "thanks, and i owe you"
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