"grrrls" can also be replaced with "patty ireland's" (not that i'm making threats or anything)

fannie loves madonna, she's a lesbian, won't lose her high school ways
so, 'membering the lord's hate of the fag-type sin, she wept and changed
all the blasphemation, so the fags are now good before this brand new world
god's a-lookin' around, unproud, the ladies found are 'grrrrrrls'

and it's just cuz true beings say that females carry not wonders of the men and the dudes
she said, "we are last, it's so wrong - he masks us, let's fake pride to cover our blues"
and her pitiful-type words soon riled up the courts, they said, "we'll bawl, make you seem male"
so girls walk like dudes - though they're feigned, we're ordered to woo their "miss pathetic" flair

that's the way fannie scams, sues big ones that matter - cuz we're fed lies, womens' spite
in hell, they will land cuz they're irked at the man, they want pity cuz their song's of a slight
the grrrls gotta die


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