goodbye, grrrls, your sad pity is really too much for me, grrrls
cut off your teats, i'll bone you, rape til you bleed, grrrls
feign your sparks, act up like retards (grrrls)

your fogged brains lie, you think grrrls win - you hurt for pow'r, spite and woe
when you're given pats just cuz you are ladies, don't you feel like it's cuz you're slow?
hell, army won't buy your weakness as thunder, no wonder dames just are not called
and it's learned now, he's wanted when it's urgent, cuz nobody drafts feigned balls

and these grrrls are their man and they gloat "i can," lounging as they speak of 'pride'
they sell 'meant-to-be' scams cuz they can't be banned now the world's to help and free their plights

the grrrls gotta die - goodbye, grrrls, i'm feeling hate - you are such a mistake, grrrls
you're such a runt, i'll shove spoons up your cunt, grrrls
well, you have your spite, could i show what's of mine? grrrls?
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