i made it through bewilderment and all the lame-assed fools,
didn't know how soft i was with my high iq
i was dweeb, incomplete, i'd no man, i was out til 2
but i gave up queer and i shaped my beard, now i am viewed

like a hermit, but you're so out for good time - like a hermit, men may hard me, get me psyched

but i've given up my love-boys, i was a fading man
with gays living all for dudes, know opposites attract
i am psyched at the sight, men of strong get mine standing bold
but i don't go out to get "loved" or plowed, cuz my man's my soul

i am psyched at their sight, don't belong with the men i like
but i gave up queer and i shaped my beard, now i'm fucking my wife

like a hermit, ooh ooh, i'm a hermit
feels so good outside of my old ways, of the pop ways, of the ablaze...

oh oh oh...you can change soci'ty or your very own mind my mclyrics

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