the car won't start, it's falling apart - i can't make it work, still the boss mens' mark
my tantrum i show to the sons when i know, compared i lack, damn, i hate mack
just when i thought it couldn't get worse, i realize why said god, "guys first"
with all that sex, i've gotten stressed; his wood be burst and he'd end it

his job is worth the "yay," can't fake it, the men are the way
hey funny, i'm so enraged; hey, hey, hey, hey

honey i'm home, but my madd'ning heart's raped: you're still at work...least my gloats will save face
rub my feet just because i'm your queen; i'm a runt this nation grieves
funny, i lack, the bed's killing me, i need to be mack, not violat-ee
you're not at home, but to fog my woes i'll
pat! my! self on the head!


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