i broke a nail driving off-road, well i cursed 'round town just to blurt "equal"
i'm not ashamed, i'll violate, and hers will simulate his name

his job is worth the "yay," can't fake it, the men are the way
hey funny, i'm so enraged
hey, hey, hey, hey

honey i'm home, but my madd'ning heart's raped: you're still at work...least my gloats will save face
rub my feet just because i'm your queen; i'm a runt this nation grieves
funny, i lack, the bed's killing me, i need to be mack, not violat-ee
you're not at home, but to fog my woes i'll
pat! my! self on the head!

oh, suck my cock, shania?
nah, i like mutt better
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