i fear you are in deep cuz you walk on by - you make me all ashamed, your head's doubtin' christ
"shit," you're saying, "happy-man, i'll be - why should i stop yearning 'variety'?"
so you choose to look to shades of gray

i'm sad and hurt, what scars were unkissed? that's nothing to flaunt, won't thy soothe my wishings?

open your heart to jeez, larry, my soul he's got but you say "no need"
open your heart to jeez, darnit, why live for love if you do not believe?

i think that you're amazing, good and like christ - you're looking like your glad to rid needs of mine
i wallow and i frown, you're blue for me, others matter over self - you're so blessed
but you choose to look to shades of gray, well i've got something to say!

no, guy, don't run, christ will be there for you...lucky to've got him 'fore dying, you've got to...

open your heart to the jeez, one is such a lonely gender

open your heart, guy, let the dove lead
it's not that hard if you just set mind free
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