let's know girls...

if growing doubt, i'll fight - i'll equalize to mike, gotta get some balls or pout
wanna make like boys, pleasing satan's joys. yeah, i wanna scheme - lose doubt
gropin and wishin, i'm new edition - add a little doubt, i'm blind
hate all the sap, the biblically correct - i only wanna madden your 'right'

a blessing to all the females who couldn't, is now minorities are plaqued up in our dunce caps

i'm so low! i'm not a lady, i'll fret til i'm davey, mens' shirts - spite works, i'm so woed
marry the lyles yeah, move in satan's style! no, don't grow!
the womens' basket-ball's an infraction! tough, we are male, able as bears
oh, so woed, we're lost in depression - not real - our way is queer
scams i need, i'm a woman!


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