when i first saw you, i saw hate...and the hurt pride you bludgeoned...was dealt hate
but after all those rhymes, your will is one with issues

looks like you hate me, look how scarred you've wrung the gay thing
your site is took as 'hearsay,' just two have said it's funny
gays said, "i'll bet his head's self-hatred, cuz just look at him - old, withdrawn"
your will is severed, thrill won't be wronged

(your will is shunned)
your will is dumb, no fun's you
i'm stunned to find a strong dude whose 'yippe' doesn't flaunt pop life
(your will is shunned)
your will is one with problems, you're so unfun - a dweeb, hun!
your will is one of issues, frights

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