i got my thirst existing, thought i'd been deprived some time,
days were filled of flings with friends, was the summer of '89

me and some ties from school had a clan at the drive-in bar, jimmy's,
hit mini-golf, scary, shoulda known we'd never hit par

oh, '90 shook me 'round, last summer'd be the last i'd treasure
and when i heard their voice, friends i'd always wanna be near
oh, was the best haze of my life, back in the summer of '89

and i boosted my name then, when i joined the band at school
when we leaving town for slavedriving, how will i mark time with tuba?!
standing like a drama dork, i showed something to the director
showed him i was quite the ham, he'd do cabaret next semester
oh, was the best haze of my life

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