still feels like the first night, november - healed like the worst hit
it's not getting better, timmy, no getting over this
still holding on, you're still my pup...that night was my death, hated the sighing vet
now my tears are stronger, you've been gone much longer
do you still stir when dryer's on?

well now i'm keeling over so, you're the only one i'll ever want
my only dog, you made my home - i miss the love i would give ya, you defined 'good'

bleed for timmy, i so want love from you
bleed for timmy, my hands miss touching you
growing, i'd need the same love i'd give you
bleed for timmy, cuz i need ya 'tim fineau'
please believe me, every birthday makes me blue
bleed for timmy, i can't stop loving you

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