still feeling depressed, i can't forget ya
my life is hurt, stunned - it's never over, timmy, can't get over ya
dyl's only dog's still my true love
i'll forever remember you, tim, and your mem'ry never thins
did he shake your paw when you'd rise to start anew? yeah?
i remember a tyke you know who loves you

well now i'm keeling over so, you're the only one i'll ever want
my only dog, you made my home - i miss the love i would give ya, you defined 'good'

bleed for timmy, i so want love from you
bleed for timmy, my hands miss touching you
growing, i'd need the same love i'd give you
bleed for timmy, cuz i need ya 'tim fineau'
please believe me, every birthday makes me blue
bleed for timmy, i can't stop loving you

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