who can it be knocking at my door - fucking gays want fun, the queers are bored
can't you see that this gay just writes, he's very shy and he has no friends for life
all i wish is to be atoned - stay away, don't you persuade my bone
get off, go and play outside, don't come in, dependent's not my drive (who wants my thing now?)

who can it be knocking at my door - if i howl, he'll go thinking i'm sore
he's just queer, he wants to play - wants my sack, he can't be glad that way
just wants to charm my pee-pee to swell, says nothing's wrong - he's fine - gay pride has its stealth
i like to feel like i'm of the men, queer begun, now it has to end (who wants my thing now?)

will jealous man try to take me away cuz i don't follow id?
i'm not a superfag, over semen, i still have mantasies (yeah, yeah, yeah)

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