senator hillary clinton's inner circle is furious at miramax king harvey weinstein after the former first lady suffered through a public relations nightmare during saturday's concert for new york.

hillary clinton was jeered and booed by thousands gathered at madison square garden as she took to the stage -- unannounced -- to introduce a movie clip.

vh1 cameras captured firemen and police heroes wildly booing clinton, who attempted to raise her voice above the shouting crowd.

"get off the stage! we don't want you here!" yelled one new york city police officer.

anti-clinton slurs spread and intensified throughout the garden, with many standing near the stage lobbing profanities.

event-planner and close clinton friend harvey weinstein was visibly shaken as he heard the crowd erupt with boos and jeers, according to an eyewitness.

the junior senator from new york ending up giving the shortest presentation of the evening, clocking in at under 20 seconds. back

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