looks like most of these came from slaphillary.com, or from a variation thereof.

richard poe has written the best article on hillary that this political junkie has ever read. he has managed to hit a number of points which show he has her well figured out. the only item missing was a reminder of her evita-like posturing in one of those fashion glossies (was it vogue?) about two years ago. the woman deludes herself that she is glamorous and chic,and pictures herself as some type of royalty. she is crazy like the proverbial fox,and dangerous.

the 43% of new yorkers that voted for hillary.....i assume that much of that vote was jewish (as was for gore). i can almost understand why the black community votes democrat - they have a "gimme" attitude; i can almost understand why my fellow women vote democrat - they have an idea planted into their heads that they need abortions, men want them to be pregnant, and they should hate men; but why do the jewish people vote democrat? is their memory of hitler that faded?

hillary is a totalitarian fanatic whose every move - especially her health care program - is deliberately calculated to deprive people of their personal freedom, and to increase the power of the state over their lives.

considering what we have all learned about the corruption of the electoral process, in the last couple of weeks, i think it would be a bit naive to assume that hillary has wide support simply because the polls, the mass media and the vote count say she does. all three of these information sources have proved to be extremely unreliable.

last year i went to my small library and pulled from the shelf my copies of george orwell's animal farm and 1984. i spent the next week reading both of them. i hope that your readers might open their copy of animal farm and read the poem comrade napoleon and see that it resembles hillary's anthem. these are the orwellian times that try our souls.

why do hillary and her "friends" wish to eliminate the electoral college? because then a leftist candidate for national office, i.e., the presidency of the usa, would have only to win california, new york, chicago, and florida, because these areas are liberal and are america's population centers. imagine, four regions of the country, four state areas determining our next president.

please continue voicing this opinion. i'm concerned that people are truly lulled into a coma because hillary presents an image that is "calm and assured." it's amazing to me, a 36-year-old female, that 3 days after she wins the new york election, she's already jumping on the "eliminate-the-electoral-college" bandwagon. she's really trying to set herself up for 2004, isn't she?

one good thing about this hillary cult of personality - it helps me understand better why the germans were so enthralled by hitler. they saw him as a national savior and were willling to overlook minor problems such as concentration camps, persecution of jews and opponents, and suppression of personal freedom.

there is indeed something nazi-like about the followers of hillary, and in fact about the left in general in our country. one small sign: whenever a stand-up comic or a tv host or some such person says something favorable to feminists or the left, you get this shrieking, animal-like response from the audience; they make that strange, redneck animal howl -- do you know the sound i mean? it's like nothing human.

notice the first thing out of sen elect hitlery's mouth. abolish the electoral college. that is the only way she could win the white house, ever! emasculate the power and will of the overwhelming heartland of the us. and be elected by the liberal-elite/minority population centers of the coasts and mid-west.

she best brush-up on that "pesky" constitution, and what it takes to change it. it was written to protect the us from the likes of hitlery! back

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