i started with an obsession with madonna, she went on and formed maverick records, and i then became obsessed with alanis morissette's jagged little pill which is on maverick records. okay, so it wasn't as big an obsession as the one with madonna was, madonna's was around ten tears while alanis' was only for about three months. but wow, was i ever immersed. that was the only tape i played in my truck, alone in an apartment in nashville i played it while i struck a psychotically ferocious pose. went on long drives at night, er in the early morning, screaming my head off!

i remember my "lover" i met at the rest stop near the jersey shore singing the words, "it's like ray-ay-ain..." and at the time, summer of '96, i'd heard "ironic" but i wasn't too sure i knew what he was singing. it didn't matter, he was a masculine epitome (yeah, a butt you could bounce a quarter offa) and i, mr. low masculine self-image, was turned on by this beef and only wanted to romp.

i didn't buy jagged little pill until the summer of '98. july or august. my infatuation lasted until october or november. short but strong. jlp's a half-a-gig on my desktop, fyi and btw. i guess i'm still kinda tainted, as jlp is mainly all i listen to in my truck.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now