after a few months of life without "america's #1 online service," i signed on once again. because it was late at night and i couldn't sleep, i guess i wanted to make a friend. so i created a second screen name and as i was making the profile i thought, "is this what i've been reduced to, human relations through the layout of well-placed adjectives describing myself?". i entered a gay chat room and watched in disgust the "dialogue" of all the nimrods sitting in front of their computers, chatting to their "friends" that they've never met, and thinking they're living in reality. thinking living for id is reality, thinking they're "imposters" if they aspire to be something they presently aren't. too bad society didn't buy that kind of thinking when i went to school, i could've lived as an f+ student happily.

it's like they think they're so legit for "accepting themselves" as is, look at their profiles, they cop an attitude about it. "whoo hoo, i'm superior, i love myself". heh, i'll be redundent...they love themselves, just not enough to be their man.


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