i was getting tired of living on the road (see road trip) and i was desperate when i met with the bastard. i know that my "caring father" was talking to the bastard before i met with him, i assume that he spoke of how i was accustomed to quitting rehab programs, because when i got to the bastard i was presented with a contract to sign that would legally hold me there for 5 months. after the 5 months, he was too proud to let me go, so he manipulated me into signing another contract.

all the head-injured people he served were legally incompetent, one was borderline retarded, and living and breathing with all of them was a definite test of my sanity. i did not belong there. but the bastard, like gay priders, was arrogant and he had something to prove. so he wouldn't let me go, despite my cries and my pleas. and i made many escape attempts, of which inspired 16 til i die.

the bastard calls himself a "caregiver," but he is not equipped emotionally nor professionally to deal with head-injured individuals who are competent individuals. he held a grudge against me because i basically told him i was "too legit" for his program, he was spiteful and arrogant in telling me that i was legally bound to receive his "services," and i'll show you a list of things i remember of him.

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