ferris bueller's day off came out, i think, the summer after sixth grade. i saw it in new hampshire with my family, but it wasn't 'til the following summer i became obsessed with it. that's when it came on cable, i memorized the whole thing and amazed my friends, and became obsessed with jennifer grey because i fell in love with the bitchy sister role. that's one side of me now, what grace thought of "jeannie," "mmn, mmn, mmn, what a little asshole," is what many think of me.

the best scene in this movie is the police station scene with jennifer grey and charlie sheen. a good long scene showing off jennifer grey's bitchy attitude! "why don't you put your thumb up your butt?"

i must insert something in here about joel grey. i can't believe i was obsessed with jennifer in eighth grade and got the lead of cabaret in tenth! it's like ray-yain on your wedding day!

ps, this movie's on my hard drive!


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