when i say, "all i need is a computer," i really mean it. and not for queero things, either. gayol went unused for a while, but then i started going online and taking m4m notes. now it's unused again, until i have to drive to "spy" again. tthe only thing i really use it for is shopping. the computer i am using to do this page, i bought back in 1996 at a computer store near the annapolis mall. the cd rom drive isn't recognized anymore, i don't know why, and i broke the 3.5 inch disk drive. it wasn't my fault, i was taking a disk out and the metal in the middle at the end was bent up and wouldn't come out of the drive. so i pulled the disk out, got the metal stuck inside, and spent fifteen minutes trying to get the metal out with a fork. fork you, i thought it'd work.

anyway, it didn't matter if i broke it, i had a backpack disk drive at home, besides...at the time i broke it i had already ordered my supercomputer.


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