dirty dancing came out on cable in the summer after i was in 8th grade. classmates warned me not to memorize it, knowing about how my obsession with jennifer grey led me to memorize ferris bueller's day off. their warnings were all over my yearbook, but their warnings were in vain. i got the movie in my head by the end of the summer.

a scene that cracks me up in this film, is the scene where lisa's all dressed up in this hawaiian garb, trying to sing about a hula girl hulaing "when you have a love to give she wants". or something like that. and "all the boys of oka koka noka island". haha. it's pretty funny.

a scene my sister and i always cracked up about was when johnnie and his clan interrupted a lecture that "max" was giving to the restaurant workers. johnnie comes in arrogantly after max gives them some instructions, he says, "got that guys?" max is like, "wait, hold it! hold it. well, if it isn't the entertainment staff". except when max said "staff," it came out as "stapfpfpfpfpfhhhh," and my sister always did her impression of it. that was hilarious. pbpfpfpfpflttltltlt. back

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