i think that all i really want and/or need to rid me of my lonliness for someone to love, is a dog. i haven't had a dog to call my own since timmy died at the end of 1995, but the love i had for him was so true and pure. i miss lying on the floor next to him with my arms around him, i miss singing "please forgive me" and "more than words" softly to him, i miss blowing on his ears all the time so they'd twitch. most of all, i miss having him run up the stairs and nudge the door to my room with his nose so i'd get up and take him for his morning walk.

i don't know if it'd be a mistake to get another dog, because i don't know if what i'd share with him would be as magical as what i shared with timmy. besides, i'd have to take care of him on my own, he wouldn't be a family dog. he'd just be my dog.. and few landlords will let a dog be kept inside.

and my parents got another dog, but he's not anything like timmy. i don't know if i'd be able to find one or train one to be as well-mannered as timmy was.

oh, i got a 1990 gmc jimmy in 1994...because i needed a new car and because i wanted to have timmy's picture airbrushed on the back tire cover with the 'j' in jimmy replaced by a 't'. back

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