i met "floyd" in a gayol political chat room. we were speaking our minds on homosexuality, his lust was heterosexual and he had religious reason for his disgust, while my lust was homosexual and i had a cultured reason for mine. well, the days went by and we became pretty good "friends". he even caught me in the m4m chatrooms, he ignored it and kind of busted on me about it, but that's it.

we continued to be friends through the time i was in the retard home, until i went over to my friend's house and was "chatting" with him online. two days later, "floyd" called it quits with me and called me a faggot. i suspect either my friend or his roommate had something to do with that, since they were gay and spiteful and they probably emailed him.

i miss having "floyd" to chat with. he was funny. he was a skydiver, and since meeting him i have wanted to give skydiving a shot. i still do!

i call him "floyd" because he talks like the muppet of the same name!

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