holy toledo, batman...

i just watched a league of their own, everything was alright until the end of the movie when "this used to be my playground" played. that movie came out the summer after 12th grade, and, though i had no friends for 11th and 12th grade, it just brought back so many memories of high school. i remembered jd, i remembered sonia (she was a girl who sat across from me in study hall), shit what i wouldn't give to hear from them again. heck, i've always thought that about jd. i remembered how my sister got mad because i wouldn't leave the theater until the song finished completely. for some reason, i remembered my days driving up to east stroudsburg university, though i don't think i started going up there until 1993.

well, i think tomorrow i will drive to my hometown. and drive up to east stroudsburg. damn, i am feeling depressed. seven years i've been out of high school, and in those seven years i've gotten nothing accomplished. well, that's my dad talking, i am not really affected one way or the other about that knowledge. i guess what i am feeling is that for seven years i have been alone. had limited human contact. no friends. everybody hurts sometimes. back

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