"isn't it ironic," my landlord-of-the-month says to me, "here you spend a grand on a camera, and you want to be 'just a little more frugal' with my rent check!"

"isn't it ironic," i say to myself, "there i am hunting high and low for young friends my own age, but here i am spitting on their blameless psyche and their shameless libido".

"isn't it ironic," god says to satan, "there he's staying on his computer all sunday with an occasional masturbatory excersize, but here he's ridiculing you and the madonna of the underworld".

"isn't it ironic," i say to myself, "there minorites are, on their campaign for special rights, but here they are on their campaign for equality".

"isn't it ironic," i say to king question mark, "here you want to be treated like a mature adult, but there you are feverishly jerking away like an adolescent, shivering with anticipation of what is to come".

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