he went by jd. he's the reason i sign my name dj, instead of dylan j or just plain dylan. the fascination i had with him in high school was not lustful, rather, it was respectful. nobody seems to understand that. he was a hot shot wrestler and on the football team, he was a lady's man, he was everybody's all-american. he was the epitome of the man i have dreamed of becoming since i was in 4th grade. pro-gay losers have told me that he was not a role model, but the man i wanted to marry.

anyway, i kind of kept this fascination "in the closet" until the end of the year, after i quit school. well, i meant to quit, but somebody in the guidance department was intent on giving me my diploma. so, i quit school but i have nothing to show for it because i have a diploma! like i'll ever use it.

anyway, here's how i came out.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now