i started liking jennifer grey when ferris bueller's day off first came on cable. i guess part of the reason i liked her so much was because dirty dancing was "in" and the "cool thing" at the time. so there i was, telling everyone to "bite the big one, junior" and running my middle finger down the side of my mouth. i wasn't as negative as she was, i don't think, at this time. i guess that kind of happened after my head-injury, with the help of one friend's sarcastic persona.

anyway, with the memorization of both fbdo and dd, i was given some glory. from classmates, some teachers, to even some classmates' parents', i was regarded as - i guess - a little disturbed!!!

when i had fbdo on tape, i played over and over and over again that scene in the police station between jennifer and charlie sheen! part of me today is what she was in that scene, well, damn, part of me today is what she was in that whole movie! i guess part of me today is also that innocent little sweet thing she was in dd, but "baby" has nothing to do with "dyl". just "jeannie" does. "why don't you put your thumb up your butt?"

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