if there's one thing i don't do, it's host a cock up my ass. giving blowjobs is alright, but i can't suck for as long as it takes for a guy to cum. maybe i could do a friend (if i had one), but i know i feel stupid if there's a guy sucking me for three minutes straight. it's like, "yeah, and?" "why is this giving you a thrill?"

likewise, getting blowjobs doesn't do much for me. "why should i be moaning?" "star wars has cling-ons and stand by me has leeches, but you my dear take the cake!"

i guess all i really want is a guy to lay down with at the end of the day, clothes on, and just talk. or wrestle. and beat off, i guess. all i really want is to be laying a woman with my buddy laying his woman next to me! in the same bed! there's a sense of comradery for me!

well, that's about the extent of my queero ambitions.

"let's hear it for the boy!" sorry, that song is on net radio 80s now.

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