seems people will do anything to "get off". nowadays, a person's libido seems to be tainted by the f word. "fetishes" are another type of sexual delusion. my delusion, or "fetish," is a set of hairy armpits or a hairy "manchest". i was always angry and in envy of all the hairy armpits i saw in the locker room in middle school. i didn't have 'em. to add to that, in 4th or 5th grade i was standing in the locker room and all of a sudden, a classmate comes up to me and puts his hairy armpit right in my face.

i also was a big question mark (q) in the presence of hairy chests. now, i can remember watching movies and fantasizing over steve guttenburg's hairy chest in coccoon, i remember wanting one for me as a symbol of masculine maturity as early as 13, let me get back on the subject.

thanks to pro-gay, everybody thinks of themselves as losers if they don't obey their libido, their id. wake up, people, queers are the losers. queers are the little boys and girls who get away with everything, because either they're physically alll grown up and there's nobody to teach them responsibility, or their said "parents" share the queer mentality and taught that "if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad". "doowutchyalike" is loser. the song's good.

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