the only thing that comes to mind when "mary jane" is the topic i am to write about, is that tiny little candy (butterscotch?) i used to get at alice's general store when i was around 9 years old. i rode for two or three miles downhill with my "sista" and her friend "krista," we bought assorted candies with our "nickles and dimes and love," then we rode back. sometimes we'd stop and play in the little river beside the road.

krista had an atari 2600 back then. my sista and i loved to play pac-man (krista would imitate pac-man munching the cookies by saying, "un-gunk") and frogger. my parents never bought their kids atari or colecovision, but they got an ibm pcjr when i was around 10. i excelled at programming in basic, for a boy.

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