i think it's better to waste 10 minutes thinking about your mantasy and getting yourself off, than it is to waste an hour or two making plans, waiting for the filler of your masculivoids to arrive, and then getting each other off.

i hate to sound old or mature, nowadays the two don't walk hand-in-hand (take a look at the prez), but the phrase, "ejaculate, giggle, clap," kind of summarizes both masturbation and sex in the '90s. it's quite immature, i'm on my high horse, but grow the hell up.

btw and fyi, like it's aoyb, i may fantasize about mantasies...but i rarely jerk off. i've been rubbing off since i was 12 or so. i used to do it nude, got between the covers and slid between the pillow and the pillowcase, but now i just get on the bed - fully clothed because it's usually in the middle of the day - and rub off. i don't look at pictures, i just imagine. rubbing off to pictures is too pro-idol-worship and it's too much of a production, i just rub off to clear my thoughts and get my mind focused on important stuff. like what's the next city i'll do a three-month lease in.

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