after my "production company" fell apart, i took a road trip down i-95 (i rarely ventured south of philly until now) and hit baltimore. i kept going back for a month or so, and i eventually became involved in a head-injury rehab place in annapolis. my case manager was beautiful. she was married, though. i remember once she told me that she was going out to eat with her hubby at the macaroni grill, i was tempted to also eat there. i didn't though.

about her husband, i could say he was cute but that would be woolen. he was what i knew in my heart a man should be, and if i were to have "loved" his manbody i'd have been broadening my horizons and finally discovering "blessed" masculinity.

the difference between q and me, is that i don't candy-coat the justification of my "love".

as always, therapy was a joke, and (as always) i stopped going. so i was free-falling in annapolis until my 3-month lease ran out. i did all my christmas shopping online though. met "floyd" too.

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