since my head-injury happened when i was 16 and since i was around 19, my request to be placed on the adolescent wing of the depression institute was granted. things were uneasy at first, but i was right at home with adolescents and i knew how to turn them on. so the rebellious sex fiend persona came out.

sure, some were turned off by this man, but more started to like me. but the only one whose name i can remember (but won't reveal) must've been eight or nine years old. i really made him laugh, i mean really made him laugh. i think i corrputed him with my sexual nature, even though it was not aimed at him.

oh, i remember another name (i won't reveal this one either). she must've been in high school, she was really turned on by my sexually explicit nature. i think she would've liked me to bed her, even though (i think) i wasn't half as attractive as i am now. i can't thepethifically recall how the depression institute released me or where i was released to. probably back to mi familia.

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