i can't remember much about the head-injury facility i went to in new jersey, but a couple things stand out. one was a guy named - hell if i can remember - but he incorporated his eyebrows into his speech a lot and i do the same because i liked how he did it. anyway, his apartment was right next to mine, and i used to go over there a lot. one night, as we were watching pornos, we got naked and started kissing and feeling each other like masculinity was something neither of us had a handle on. that was true, after all, we were gay "men".

anyway, i know he didn't do me - i was never into being another man's vibrator, and i don't think i did him. i guess we just "played"...like a pair of unjustified infants.

another memory i have is of the therapists. they didn't knock when the door to my room was shut, they just entered. that irked me a lot. soon, i got so fed up and angry that i slapped one in the face when she entered. and that got me sent to a depression hospital. makes no sense to me, either.

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