before leaving annapolis, i had made plans with the head doctor of the program in pennsylvania i went to only to get out of the program in connecticut. i was going to start his program again. so i moved on up to pennsylvania, got a furnished apartment a few miles from the rehab center, and started with the rehab. it didn't last long, i guess i'm "too legit" for rehab, everything i did in any rehab place was an insult to my abilities. give me a break, head-injured people who are in a "home" are far worse off than i am. less mobile, less able, less everything. so i eventually ended up quitting the pt/ot/st, but i liked the neuropsyche doc and only showed up for his sessions. no, it wasn't lust, i liked him.

so, we were talking one day and i decided that i would take a road trip to check out a rehab ranch in texas. so i got my oil checked in my jimmy, and i left.

road trip

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