i was in a m4m room one night, my profile said specifically, "don't ask what i'm into," and some latino ims me with, "what ya into". "imbecile," i thought. "not latinos," i said and clicked his im off the screen. a few minutes later in the chat, he said, "i immed him asking what he was into, he said 'not latinos'," which set everyone off into their "love everyone (except the basher) campaign". i'm sure they wouldn't have been all lovey-dovey to this disrespectful imp.

minorities, fags included, are soooooo quick to point the prejudiced finger, with the intention of destroying what they can of people who've hurt their said "pride". i was in a sex room, a room where i usually can't get the time of day unless i'm up to par with another's desires, and he crybabies to the entire room to try to get products of clinton to back him up and scorn me because i wasn't sexually attracted to people of his mcnationality.

i will never give minorities the special rights they wail for. and as long as society does, this "crybaby" attitude will go on forever. can't we all just grow up?

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