just fyi, i have not acknowledged prince after he got the "i'm in love with myself" name-change.

i've liked him since 1999 was released (couldn't picture it actually being here). his sex-crazed choreography and lyrics made me imitate, i thought i'd never be able to quiver my lips like he did, but i can now! i heard "erotic city" when i was like in 5th or 6th grade, maybe 4th, and i never could find what album it was on! (i bought lps til 1991). i always was so grateful every time i heard it, but i never could tape it off the radio! with the girl 6 soundtrack, though, i finally had it!

mine, mine, mine!

he's the main reason i am the sexual character i am today. madonna shares responsibility, but prince first molded me. i think his best work is the 1989 batman soundtrack.

i never saw him in concert, but he didn't tour all that much. he was quite mysterious and fruity.

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