"oh, i can't help it, i was born this way," is something i cringe at the sound of. "it's not my fault, this is who i am," and "god made me this way" are spoken by people who surprisingly have their eyesight in tact (though they often are "blinded" by a pair of "kewl"-looking shades). homos say these kinds of things a lot.

children everywhere are curious, but i don't think anybody has any kind of active sexual attraction until at least 8 or 9. maybe 7. people are void upon entry into the world from the womb, and what is "attractive" to them must be learned and experienced. so saying, "i was born this way," seems woolen to me.

one who says, "this is who i am," wouldn't be as blind as the one who says, "i was born this way," if the words "i can't change" weren't playing somewhere offstage. what are people, free to be what they want to be or just free to be a servant of oz? in the land of id. cont

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