there's not much to say about the docs at the mental institution. the first time i was there, i guess everything was normal so my doc didn't have any problems with me. the second time i was there, the bathroom in my room was also the bathroom of the room next door. you should've seen the mantasy i had access to! one night, i crawled in his room and to his bed and as i was holding up the covers, gaping at this "manbody," he woke up. uh oh. so i left. ten minutes later i did it again, and he caught me again. so my doc had me moved to another unit.

at this unit, there was a 19 year-old i took a liking to. and i kept coming on to him and coming on to him, and soon he got angry and told the nurses. the nurses told my doc. earlier, my doc caught me masturbating in my room with the door wide open, he was told that i was drawing obscene pictures during art therapy, and he was so close to sending me away to new orleans to go to a home for sex addicts. i shaped up, though, and he didn't.

i think i am ingrained in that man's mind for life!!!

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