i guess the reason i have no friends is because i don't do anything. anything involving other people on a regular basis, that is. that's why i'm a sexual predator at times, that's why i scour the interstates and the rest stops and what have you, because i am dissatisfied with my life. i become a leech when i visit rest stops, when i hang out in locker rooms, i'm looking for...something else to get me through my semi-charmed kind of life. i need to find a purpose. badly.

i think i've made up my mind tonight to go to school. not to spend years there and earn a degree, a trade school i can pick up a certification in some field of expertise in a few months. i doubt i'll ever work for anybody else with that degree, have them dictate to me the hours and days i must work, but i can always go into business for myself.

but i am really feeling the need for a purpose now. it's hot, my ass is not firm and it's mushing against the chair, i feel so useless. i've got to transform my life into one worth living, into one that's enjoyable. once i get right through you started, i'll have responsibilities...but my life won't be much more exciting. i've gotta get involved with people. back

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