junior year spring play (small role, the director was full of herself...and a lesbian, no surprise)
senior year marching band (no more obnoxious sex fiends there to make me wanna stay in)
high school (in may, i was fed up...but guidance gave me my diploma anyway)
community college in pa (got to the parking lot)
film school in ny (stayed for one or two days)
junior college in nj (looked into a classroom)
community college in nj (got to the parking lot)
head injury program in nj (slapped a therapist in the face)
head injury program in pa (opted to show up only to shoot the shit with the doc)
head injury program in md (stayed for a couple of weeks)
head injury program in tn (a suicide attempt was my only way out unless i played along)
community college in tn (the suicide attempt got me out of this too)
travel school in tn (instead of entering the classroom i went to the office to quit)
in october '98, a multimedia-metamorphasis was taking place and i quit wanting human relations
in february '99, i quit singing alanis morissette's lyrics and made my own
on posting this site, there's been nothing to quit...save for shaving regularly...i did that back in march

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now