delusions of masculine grandeur

i was in a gayol m4m chat room one night and had a picture of myself that was pretty hot-looking. "man" after "man" after "man" after "man" fell for me. i sent one of ''em one of my face that reveals my damaged right eye because after expressing his approval of my masculinity, he wanted another pic. so i sent him the face pic, and he said not one more word to me after seeing it.

and i did the same thing to another "man" who had fallen for me, he just shut right up after seeing my eye! "it's not noticable, is it," one said after i told him about it.

now, i probably would've been hurt if i was another masculivoid in the room looking for a blessed man to accept me, but this was not the case. i'll admit it, i've had my share of delusions, i spent hours on gayol looking for the man of my dreams...but i've grown since then. and consequently i've found the man of my dreams, he may appear jagged to some, but he'll always be my little dyl.

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