a good portion of the 150,000 miles i put on my jimmy in 3 years was driven between march, 1997 and june, 1997. i started in philly and made my way down i-95, stopping in hotels for the night and using my notebook computer to "hook up" with "men" in the aol m4m chat rooms. i turned back on 95 north once i hit jacksonville, fl, and got to my apartment to find that the office was trying to get in touch with me to pay the month's rent. so i paid what i owed and got back on the road.

i went west to check out a head injury rehab ranch in texas, sleeping in hotels with aol m4m "men" (my notebook computer was stolen once), and when i arrived i talked with the head honcho. i don't think i was ever serious about getting rehab, so i got back on the road and headed back to i-95. on the way, i saw a sign for nashville and said to myself, "hey, my old high school acting buddy lives in nashville now, i'll go visit him," and followed my whim.

i stayed at the trinity lane motels for a while, frequented an adult bookstore in the area, and my road trip would soon end abruptly. the bastard

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