not sick but it's lazy, baby! the nineties' "self-acceptence" is a growth-inhibitor because "accept yourself as is," is what is implied. one who brags of having accepted themselves, really is bragging of having given up their heartfelt aspirations. were they too hard to actually attain?

and don't ya wish "women" would accept themselves as feminine? instead of masculine wanna-beeing it up, instead of contributing to the pro-gay attitude of society? no wonder homosexuality is rampant more nowadays, people are just plain confused!!! "my mommy's a sergeant and my daddy's a hairdresser," said the child, "but tim's mom's a homemaker and his dad's a firefighter, i guess this thing in between my legs stands for nothing but goo-goo thrills!"

then again, it is kind of funny, queer-advocates proclaiming they've accepted themselves...because you learn that the queer "self" is really only a matter of lust! which is more license to ridicule!

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